Shrimp Omelet

well, tonight I decided to make an omelet. I made this a while back, but I forgot how exactly I made it, so I found the original recipe that I went from, and I think made some similar modifications that I did last time. also I think last time I had the correct monterey jack cheese. Sadly right now my cheese stock is very depleted, so I had to use colby/jack marble cheese. The omelet still came out wonderful, but I think plain jack would have put the bar up a bit to something even more amazing.

2 large eggs
1 Tbs. butter
¼ c. cooked shrimp
¼ c. Monterey Jack Cheese
1 medium green onion
½ tsp. dried parsley
1. beat eggs in a bowl
2. melt butter in skillet over medium heat
3. pour eggs into skillet
4. use spatela to lift edge of omelet and let uncooked portions underneath to cook
5. spead cheese, shrimp, green onions and parsley on one side of the egg
6. fold in half and transfer to plate


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